Information System




The company is equipped with Bronzavia sixty networked workstations. An ERP software CLIPPER, is central to the information system. He integrates data and operation of the entire company including Quality, commercial methods, purchasing, production, delivery and finance.

The Sales & Operations Planning (CIP) is regularly updated and injected into the system. From this information and customer orders entered in the module is generated CAM Production Plan (PDP) which defines the manufacturing requirements and planning to deliver orders on time.

The write methods of manufacturing lines in the module and set the CAM instruction sheets to workstations as required by customers.

Manufacturing Orders (OF) corresponding to the manufacturing ranges are edited, launched and monitored in accordance with Workshop Production Program (PDP) and the Skills Matrix (MDC). The score of chronological phases of Manufacturing Orders (OF) is made by operators in the workshop using barcode.

Components purchased or outsourced operations are being prepared in order suppliers Purchasing module. After receipt and verification, the components are off, set store by and drawn bar code.

After manufacture, control ensures compliance sets completed, the balance of any non-compliance and traceability documents. This validation allows editing of the Declaration of Conformity (DC).

Delivery is triggered depending on the time Customer, the Delivery (BL) is published and billing triggered in the Finance module.

Documents are scanned and filed into an EDM (Electronic Document Management) with an associated digital archiving system.

Timeliness of delivery (OTD: On Time Delivery) is calculated monthly and measures the performance of industrial BRONZAVIA.