Job profiles





Given the increased activity and departures in retirement, BRONZAVIA regularly recruits new employees. The jobs most frequently to be filled are:



His function is to manage a client portfolio, to deliver on time ordered parts or assemblies. He analyzes his order book and plans with the ERP, the launch of manufacturing operations and outsourcing. He ensures their progress to take into the final deadline.

Preparer methods

His function is to define how a part will be made ??or set, complying with customer requirements. He prepares the case of manufacturing including: The range, procurement specifications, the industrial validation file (DVI / ISP), manufacturing tools... He follows the workshop production the first article and forward it to a final record for mass production.


He works in the shaping of parts. He has machines (presses, formers, conformeuses, press brake...) but ensures the final shaping by hand (hammer).


It works in parts assembly, primarily by riveting.


He assembles the pieces by welding (spot welding and / or TIG welding). He welds metals such as aluminum, stainless, inconel and the titanium and has a license aerospace welder.


He realizes the primary parts or tools. It is versatile, able to work on different machines (lathe, milling ...), as well as conventional CNC.


He works on various hydraulic presses. It is able to set up the tooling, set and remove the parts in series.


He is: controller is NDT (Nondestructive RS / RX, COSAC level 2), and documentary dimensional controller is to ensure compliance of manufactured parts and assemblies.


BRONZAVIA also recruits for the following professions: Bump / Flow Forming, Heat Treatment, Receiving / Shipping, Shop ...