BRONZAVIA society was founded in 1931 by an engineer who had invented a new type of spark plug for aircraft engine whose performances were very superior to competition. This activity has grown rapidly and BRONZAVIA has diversified into other equipment manufacturing for Aerospace industry.

Photo Locaux BronzaviaLocated in Sartrouville, near Paris, BRONZAVIA

has a 5000m2 production workshop

Since that time, BRONZAVIA has specialized in the production of High Tech sheet metal works and welded assemblies for Aircraft, Space and Defense industries.

In Sartrouville are grouped the Studies & Industrialization Pole assisting clients in the design of parts or sets of high-tech assemblies and the related Manufacturing Pole for prototypes and production runs.

BRONZAVIA capacities are based on:


  • The expertise of its teams with a long and highly technical experience.
  • The means of production for specific and diverse metal forming activities and component assemblies.
  • The quality control validated by the appropriate certifications.
  • The logistic based on an ERP system compiling the Commercial, Industrial, procurement and Production Planning.

The skills and capabilities of BRONZAVIA are recognized in the most demanding industries: Aerospace / Defense / Nuclear / Energy.